Sunday, January 4, 2015

Download Browser Cepat UC Web untuk Java

Browser hp mini, cepat, ringan, teringan, tidak bikin habis quota, untuk jar, jad, nokia, kuota sedikitJava application browser is the fastest browser, Download the latest version of Ucweb, uc browser or commonly known ucweb has issued its newest version of the Uc Browser.
Ucweb is certainly an improvement over version Uc browser before and a little addition of features. The following are Additional features and improvements, so that it becomes Ucweb :

Fixes the problem of large size files from the previous version that cannot be displayed when downloading.

Fixes the problem of the previous version users are unable to to the correct page when typing the page number on the Uc forums.

The above is the explanation that I get when I open the app ucweb and embossed "check Update". So, for those of you who want to download files with large size need not worry anymore, because that problem is already fixed in Ucweb V 9.5. OK deh, just go ahead, if you guys are interested please download below.

Download Versi Terbaru
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