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Youtube Official untuk Ponsel Java

Youtube Official untuk Ponsel Java

Streaming video on Youtube not only be done via PC or Smartphone, but also through mobile phone / HP common as Java. Even back then, the Youtube / Google also developed a Java application that can be used to find, watch (Streaming), upload videos and others. Unfortunately, the application now has not been developed yet, even is no longer available on the official website.
Not only YouTube application, some of the official Java applications like google maps, Gmail, and Google Translate is now also available. Thus, the Java impressed already removed.

For those of you who have never tried this Youtube application on your Java phone, I will share to you through alternative download link (as the official link of Google has been removed). Fortunately, even though they had not dikembang again, this application can still be used, not only Java applications, I tried to use in the Nokia E63 and it can also work well, including for streaming as a network in the Nokia E63 is medukung 3G and streaming. Although actually in the Nokia E63 is no default Yoube applications based on Symbian
In some Sony Ericsson phones, YouTube application is installed as the default application.

Youtube official application has several features such as:
A great view
See Playlist, subscriptions, etc.
Adding videos to favorites
Giving Flag (flag) on video
Streaming & Video
Preview (play) video stored on the phone.
Upload videos from your phone

When you first open the application you will be asked to select the State and agree to the terms of users (terms). Because the Indonesian state is not in the list. You can choose other countries, for example the United States. Australia and so on.

You can see some of the Youtube app screenshot below:
Tampilan Splash Screen youtube-app-2.png
Halaman Awal
Hasil pencarian dengan slideshow yang halus
Pilh Menu > Do More untuk melihat beberapa opsi untuk sebuah Video
Menampilkan video yang tersimpan di ponsel
Tekan tengah untuk memutar, tombol kiri untuk mengupload (unggah)

It could be an easy way to upload videos to Youtube with Phone / Mobile Java.
This application runs fine on the phone with a screen resolution of 240x320 pixels and may not fit on a phone with a smaller resolution. But you can still try it whether it fits or not the application in your phone.
Now, instead of curious please download the application below.

Download Game Gang Nations Online

Gang nations - head your own band and fight for control over the city. Increase numbers of your gang, fight for new territories, defend the city. In this game for Android you'll have to manage not only the gang, but also your own city. Construct a variety of buildings, defend and develop the city. Hire criminals to improve your gang. Each bandit has unique abilities and skills. Fight on the city streets and defend your territory against rival gangs. Attack other gangs of other players and become the king of the underworld.

Game features:

  • Your own city
  • 10 types of battle units
  • Fight other players
  • Interesting missions

The game requires an Internet connection

Download Instagram untuk Blackberry

Instagram app Download the latest version update for blackberry 2015. Popularity world of social media are likely to continue to rise. If the first people only know facebook and myspace, now comes some sites or social networking applications that offer distinctive features of each. One of these social networking applications are applications instagram. Instagram app is starting to become a trend since released a smartphone with OS blackberry and android.

Associated with instagram for information about downloading the latest blackberry 2015, almost all smartphone users are very familiar with the application to edit and share photos on this one. Instagram is an application that helps us make sharing picture and share a variety of activities, but is equipped with a photo filter us with instant. At first glance is similar to facebook instagram, but Instagram is more self-effacing as a means of sharing photos on the BlackBerry smartphone, Android, and iOS.


Photos to be uploaded into instagram for blackberry has a variety of editing options, so that the end result will make our photos look beautiful and perfect. Not infrequently the application also makes a lot of people who actually have a normal face, but turned very pretty just with filter effects that have been provided in a matter of seconds. Therefore, the more instagram charm to attract anyone who wants to use free editing services in the instagram app for the blackberry.

If during this instagram users familiar android, so now instagram also can be found through your blackberry device. You can download it directly via the world or blackberry blackberry application world. How, go to your blackberry app world and do the search in the search field. Type in the keyword "Instagram", it would appear some alternative instagram app for blackberry which you can use. Select download or download instagram app you want. Wait a while until instagram can be downloaded completely. Here are some alternatives instagram app for blackberry that can also be downloaded.

Instagram app for blackberry on support for blackberry gemini 8520, bb bold onyx 1 and 2, davis blackberry 9220, bb armstrong 9320, orlando, dakota, and also for blackberry OS 10 as blackberry Z10, Q10, Q5, and Z30. Once downloaded Instagram perfectly, please register with an active email address you use. After that, you can proceed to add friends and upload your favorite photos on instagram app for the bb. If you want to upload your favorite photo, then you will be treated with a variety of features filter very interesting to try.

To take advantage of this filter feature, you simply upload, then filter where you want to use. After you have finished selecting which filter you want to use, proceed with the save and then publish or share. Instagram app for blackberry is interesting for us to use as a means selfie, or store various precious moments in our lives in a practical and easy.

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Download Jetpack Kong: Revolution APK untuk Android

Jetpack Kong: Revolution - control a big ape in its flight. The her's moving up using its jetpack. Help it collect bonuses on the way. The hero of this game for Android wants to escape from the zoo lab. Thanks to the fantastic jetpack the hero can make his dream come true. Guide him higher and higher moving from side to side. Dodge sharp spikes, saws, and other dangers. Collect gold coins and various bonuses. Break wooden barriers and set height records.

Game features:

  • 4 different game modes
  • 3 unique worlds
  • 36 levels
  • Simple controls
  • Leaderboards

Download Path untuk Blackberry OS10

Path is a private social networking fun available for Android and other smart phones.
Privacy Simple: You can manage your privacy on the Path to our privacy settings are easy to understand.
Share Moment: Send music, mind, check-in, as well as high quality photos and videos to chronology Path you to share with friends Your Path.

Search Chronology: Go back moments of life in an instant with the search for the friend's name, birthday, place names, cities, holidays, seasons, and weather.

Better than Love: Use emoticons-Path emoticons to express your feelings with more expressive of the submissions friends on Path-smile, frown, laugh, shocked, or love.

In the circle: If you find there are too many friends on the Path, back to a more simple chronology to organize the Inner Circle consisting of close friends and family on Path.

Private moments moments: Even the most personal moments you shall be safe in Path. Send a private moment just for yourself, or with a group of people who you select.

Share also to Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, and more: Submit moment anywhere on your path to other social networks easily from one application.
The latest

- Contains sticker faster
- Stabilization application

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Download Camera B612 Untuk Java dan Symbian Camera Application For Java Symbian s60 and s40
What is essential is invisible to the eye. # B612
B612 will reflect radiant images as clear as spring water.
Find your true self shine and harmony in a multifaceted contours.
Take your time and look closely to see the true beauty staring back at you.
You may be surprised to see a familiar face.

Camera features available in B612:
Video + selfie: Press and hold the screen and you will have 3 seconds to capture an unforgettable memory.
+ 78 filters: Which side of yourself if you show little prince charming? There are 78 filters vary for your use.
+ Random filter: Sometimes it feels like it can take forever before you find just filter your search. Just press a random button!
+ Vignette: Both light touch and expression of life have their places. Use sketches to give your photos the right amount of flavor.
+ Tilt-shift: Blur focal line soft touch that will bring out the true you even more.
+ Rana Silence: Sssh! Take pictures silently so as not to wake the sheep sleep soundly inside the box.
+ Collage shot: Show all your universe glance with a smile you put together into one photo.
+ Timer: 2 Seconds, 5 Seconds ... Wait in the excitement until the shutter down!
+ Selfie stick: Your beauty shines even from far away. Remotely manage your Bluetooth and enjoy the photo-taking experience even more liberating.
+ Share: Post your photos and share it easily to Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.

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Download Path Talk Apk Untuk Android

Path Talk is a messaging app that can, fun, and personal paths. Keep in touch with friends, family, and your favorite location in the Path Talk. Send messages, images, videos, sounds, music, maps, and more, either to one or in small groups with FREE.
Now Available:
The new terrors in sending a message - send a message to LOCATION - restaurants, shops, and more. No need to wait longer - make a reservation, get, and to know the availability of the products in the store, all of them by sending a message with Talk Path. Agents Path is incorporated in our 24/7 global network that will pick up the phone and contact locations for your business, get information and send it back to you, so you can save precious time with friends and family. Your life becomes easier and get you closer to the locations in your life. Available first in the US and Canada.
Main features:
- Fast: Super fast and reliable detection, both in networks 4G, 3G, and WiFi.
- Free: All of your messages in any form sent FREE (messages, photos, video, sound, music, movies, books, maps, location, and stickers)
- Real Privacy: your message Messages with friends on Path Talk is CONFIDENTIAL and will be removed from our servers 7 days after you send it. You are in the real world conversation is personal, then it is appropriate message interaction between you was so.
- Automatic Status: New Breakthrough to always know the latest news from your friends and start every conversation appropriately. Your status is automatically updated in the background to tell your friends when you're in transit, being around, listening to music, or even when the battery is weak.
- Stickers: Together with a number of the world's best artists, we create new characters are fun and expressive. We also work closely with a series of names of the most popular in the world, such as Peanuts, South Park, Adventure Time, Transformers, and Ghostbusters (currently birthday 30th!). Choose from thousands Stickers Path when emoji was not enough.
- Groups: Create a group messaging platform that can be used anywhere, no matter what smartphone to use your friends.
- Sound: Send and receive high quality voice message to one friend in the blink of an eye, or unrequited voice-reply message in the group.
- Reply Quick Tip: Save time by pinch your friend or respond to a message directly from your message list with just a sweep of a finger.
The latest
- Bug Fixes