Friday, October 24, 2014

Download Aplikasi PhotoMath Untuk Android


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Some time ago, the social scene in the media about the eccentric math answers, and confusing. The subjects of this one was not so much the students liked, because it always puzzled by the figures.

But for those who are happy with the calculation, math is a challenge that must be resolved. But now there is an application on a smartphone, which can solve math problems. For teacher educators, maybe this could be a nightmare, because the application is able to answer easily, simply by pressing the camera button, and run the application. Then the answer was easily out.

This application was created in Croatia, and named PhotoMath. But dikahawtirkan of this application are children so lazy to count, and use logic to think. But the company claims the creator of this application, if this is part of student learning, and become an easy and fun way to learn math. "It makes the math becomes easy to learn, and easy to give an answer," said the company.

This application is only available for smartphones with operating system Windows Phone and iOS, and Android to follow later this year. And what about your child? Are willing to use it?


Download - Mirror

Name : PhotoMath
Format : Android

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