Thursday, March 30, 2017

Download Aplikasi Mari Belajar Membaca Al-quran

MobileTc - Application of Qur'anic reading Bee is the application of learning how to read the letter Alif till the stage of how to read the Holy Quran/Koran Ordinances, these applications in complete Games with interesting and interactive. This application consists of 6 stages ranging from the introduction of the letter Alif to advanced. the easy way to learn to read the Quran, in complete games with reading the Koran, learn to read the Koran is suitable for children and adults. Mari Belajar Membaca Al-quran
Download Aplikasi Mari Belajar Membaca Al-quran
Download Aplikasi Mari Belajar Membaca Al-quran
1. very easy to use
2. an interesting animation
3. discuss how a good read
4. create suitable for children and adults
5. equipped with a game/exercise
6. have a voice sample readings.
7. complete with tajwid. (Idzhar, ' ihfa, iqlam, etc.)
8. clear khorakat (Fathah, Kasrah, Dhammah)

the existence of this educational applications, with God's children and sister-sister want to learn to read the Qur'an
with a good method and true.

Bee learning is the application of education for children aged 2-9 years, Bee learning make children can learn by themselves in a way that is fun, in the Bee learning there is an interesting game for mengasa the brains of children, ranging from the game: stunt, guessing, and puzzles.

Bee learning has the scope of learning include: Counting, readknow your numbers,learn the Koran (reading the Quran), learning the letter Alif, studied the fruit, learning animals. Learn letters in English, learning counting in English. and others

This application comes with an animation that is bee (bee) that appeal which will assist children in learning and playing.

the application of muslim children muslim/islam, a smart, clever and very good


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