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Download game Total Conquest 360 x 640 And Android

Download game Total Conquest 360x640 And Android If the Clash of Clans you are exposed on the interior atmosphere nuanced fantasy in this game you will be exposed to the atmosphere of the ancient Roman Empire and was the Governor of the Kingdom. Does not need to be long winded, you task in this game is a set of resources, the layout of the town, and the Royal military. You have to cleverly set the construction of villas, markets, warehouses, barrack, the walls of the Kingdom, train the troops and many others.
Download game Total Conquest 360 x 640 And Android
Download game Total Conquest 360 x 640 And Android 
The higher the level of the building, then the time required for the upgrade of the building will be the longer anyway could even reach for weeks. If you do not want the old menungu, you can accelerate development by way of paying a number of Crowns to be had with a complete achievement, level up, or buy it with the IAP.

Gameloft did not imitate slavishly detailed game system from the CoC. But there are still some semblance of the scheme. As an example of the resources contained in this game there are two, namely gold and apples. Any building which is similar, if CoC there are 4 categories of buildings, in Total Conquest also there are 3 categories of buildings (army, defense, economy) the same minus the decoration which means it is a minus value because you cannot beautify the Kingdom. Then the total number of troops in this kind of game is equal to the number of types of troops CoC i.e. 10 types.

Even the number of its troops in the same type but the type attribute however troops made different. If the CoC archer has 7 damage, damage archer in the Total Conquest of 27 damage. Another example is to get raiding tower in CoC you need barrack level 4, in Total Conquest you only need barrack level 3 course. Another difference is most perceptible since the start of the game was a Home Builder building (builder). If the CoC one person needs one home builder, then in this game one House is able to accommodate all the builders (in Total Conquest the term Architect).

Back to things that are identical which is present on the Campaign and PvP system. in the Campaign, you will be exposed to a territory which belonged to the CPU and the task you are conquered the region with military force available in your Kingdom. You will get a perfect score in a successful membabat depleted the entire building and the perfect value denoted by three stars.

About PvP, you will look for an opponent to attack random matchmaking based on the leaderboard. If you win then you will get the enemy resources and points the sword, if it loses then points the sword you are reduced. Similar to when you are attacked, if you managed to survive then points you accrue while the sword if it fails then points the sword you are reduced. If this fails, you can not be attacked in a row in a long period.

One of the advantages of Total Conquest is a simultaneous release on iOS and Android. So both the world's largest OS platform mobile gaming is not anyone feels dianak tirikan. But the bad news (or either may be good news for some player:D), to my knowledge in one of the largest forum in Indonesia say that version Androidnya is easy to enter the cheat accelerate development time. For me (which is an anti cheat in games especially online games), things are so unfortunate because it could damage the ecosystem of the game and certainly makes the game boring fast. Later, a version of Android and iOSnya using separate server so that the player could not interact with the Android player iOS.

Baikah, in terms of gameplay Total Conquest seem not to have the advantages of striking compared to CoC. But it turns out that in terms of any such presentation. From first impressions alone is seen that movement of troops and resident, is presented by the CoC looks more smooth than movement in Total Conquest. Similarly, with detailed graphics. Graphics on Total Conquest edge object less smooth giving rise to the impression a bit jagged (jaggies) at every object when in maximum zoom in.

Even inferior to the CoC, the actual quality of the graphics in this game are not arguably ugly too. The movement of people and its object graphics are still comfortable views of the eye and still belongs to the good in the world of 2D simulation games. Roman theme used digame also can be presented with both ancient Roman shades, so I dislike this game and I do not feel there is a peculiarity in the ancient Roman style design.
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