Monday, November 23, 2015

Youtube Official untuk Ponsel Java

Streaming video on Youtube not only be done via PC or Smartphone, but also through mobile phone / HP common as Java. Even back then, the Youtube / Google also developed a Java application that can be used to find, watch (Streaming), upload videos and others. Unfortunately, the application now has not been developed yet, even is no longer available on the official website.
Not only YouTube application, some of the official Java applications like google maps, Gmail, and Google Translate is now also available. Thus, the Java impressed already removed.

For those of you who have never tried this Youtube application on your Java phone, I will share to you through alternative download link (as the official link of Google has been removed). Fortunately, even though they had not dikembang again, this application can still be used, not only Java applications, I tried to use in the Nokia E63 and it can also work well, including for streaming as a network in the Nokia E63 is medukung 3G and streaming. Although actually in the Nokia E63 is no default Yoube applications based on Symbian
In some Sony Ericsson phones, YouTube application is installed as the default application.

Youtube official application has several features such as:
A great view
See Playlist, subscriptions, etc.
Adding videos to favorites
Giving Flag (flag) on video
Streaming & Video
Preview (play) video stored on the phone.
Upload videos from your phone

When you first open the application you will be asked to select the State and agree to the terms of users (terms). Because the Indonesian state is not in the list. You can choose other countries, for example the United States. Australia and so on.

You can see some of the Youtube app screenshot below:
Tampilan Splash Screen youtube-app-2.png
Halaman Awal
Hasil pencarian dengan slideshow yang halus
Pilh Menu > Do More untuk melihat beberapa opsi untuk sebuah Video
Menampilkan video yang tersimpan di ponsel
Tekan tengah untuk memutar, tombol kiri untuk mengupload (unggah)

It could be an easy way to upload videos to Youtube with Phone / Mobile Java.
This application runs fine on the phone with a screen resolution of 240x320 pixels and may not fit on a phone with a smaller resolution. But you can still try it whether it fits or not the application in your phone.
Now, instead of curious please download the application below.

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