Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Global Prayer Time-Azan Alarm


aplikasi pengingat waktu sholat gratis full version, Offering a prayer five times a day is one of the basic fundamentals/pillars of Islam. Do you often find yourself indulge in other activities and miss the Salat/Prayer/Namaz /Solat/Salatuk timing. This Prayer Time application solves your this problem by providing you a Universal Namaz Alarm gadget, which notify user about the Azan/Salat time of local area.An easy to use and simple prayer timing app that reminds you five times a day at the exact prayer time by prayer alarms.***** Features *****• Both the automatic and manual selection of the location for receiving prayer timings.• Location selection via GPS• Alarm setting for upcoming prayers (including option of vibrating on alarm)• Manual adjustment of Hijri calendar• Adjustment of Sehar and Iftar timings• Localize prayer timings• Share prayer timings on Social media apps by simply taking screenshotsThe app provides access to Hijri calendar and correspondingly Gregorian days. The app displays entire month calendar upon simply tapping on the current date.

Judul  : Global Prayer Time-Azan Alarm
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Tag  : Alarm sholat gratis untuk android, global prayer timer azan alarm for android free, pengingat waktu sholat untuk android gratis

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