Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Qibla Compass - Find Qibla untuk android


Have you ever experienced a situation, where you are in a new place and want to offer a prayer but don’t know the Qibla/Kabla direction. Darussalam Publishers has the answer to this problem. As Muslims pray five times a day. To offer prayers you have to face towards the Kaaba/Qibla/Mecca. To find the right direction of Qibla we present to you Qibla Compass-Find Qibla Direction Application. This Islamic direction finder tool will tell you the right direction of Kaaba during your travel. This application will show you the right praying direction through GPRS and without GPRS by using manual input of your location. Through this compass one can find and also guide others to offer prayer towards the right direction.*****Features***** ► Compass. ► Qibla direction. ► Through GPS. ► Set your location manually, NO GPS. ► Can work offline. ► Beautiful graphics. ► Best Islamic tool.This Islamic Tool can help the Muslims to offer prayer in the direction of Kibla. This Islamic App can serve as companion along with our rest of other Islamic Apps. Do visit our website: http://www.darussalampublishers.com/

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