Friday, October 24, 2014

Download Aplikasi PhotoMath Untuk Windows Phone

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For some people, maybe math was like a nightmare that was such as viruses. In fact, not a few people who avoid many of the lessons, because they are too complicated. However, it seems that they are "allergic" to the issue of the calculations, can be relieved. Because, now there is an app that allows one to answer questions such as mathematics. No need to bother to think hard.

Reported by the Daily Mail website Wednesday, October 22, 2014, an application called PhotoMath is the result of the development of Croatia. Actually, PhotoMath been developed since three years ago, before it is widely introduced at this time. PhotoMath can detect mathematical problems such as the use of decimals, fractions, arithmetic, roots, and a simple linear equation.

"We are not a training company. We are promoting the technology of our vision, PhotoMath. Now, our technology is quite mature, so we will develop wider use again," said co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PhotoMath, Damir Sabol. Sabol said the creation of the application is intended to make the math easier and simpler to educate users how to solve the math problems.

Bring Camera
To run it, is quite simple, users simply point your camera phone into a math problem. Then, the camera will scan, and the answer will appear on the screen instantly.

PhotoMath equipped with technology such as character recognition to read a math problem, so it can respond and provide an answer to the user.

For users of Android smart phones, have to wait patiently until the end of the year, due to the application of new PhotoMath available on iOS and Windows Phone.


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Name : PhotoMath
Format : Windows Phone

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